$2,500.00 USD

Full Payment

My proven surplus (overage) sale method to make money on tax deeds without you ever having to buy the property or tax lien.

You may know what a surplus is but you don’t know how to find the best surplus files and even if you did you may not know how to navigate the paperwork or know how to put the deal together. This online course takes you through the surplus process from start to finish. If you want to:

  • The A to Z’s of working a tax surplus file so you don’t get lost during the process
  • Which are the best surplus deals so you don’t waste your time
  • Methods you can use to contact the surplus owners so you can guarantee your payday
  • The paperwork and people you will need for a smooth transaction

Follow along at your own pace, then when you are ready, join Sandra online for one live session. You will have to an opportunity to join Sandra’s monthly membership program where you can ask Sandra Questions on a monthly basis and tap into the resources she provides there for an additional $59 a month.

Program Split Up into Six Modules

  • Five modules done through your online portal
  • One mobile done with your computer over a live video call with Sandra

Your Live Video Session

  • Live video session with Sandra where she goes over the process, paperwork and answers your questions. She will take you through some more surplus file on this video call.

Get Access to your portal to start cashing in on the surplus NOW!